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  • 2009-07-07 Michael Jackson Memorial
    The world celebrates the life of a worldwide pop icon. All mayor TV stations have announced prime time coverage. This will become the biggest TV event in history.
    He was lauded and ridiculed. He broke down barriers and built them around himself. He soared to heights unimaginable with his music, and he made the ignominious front page of gutter tabloids worldwide. For Michael Jackson, the spotlight was always present, and the rest of the world followed. Even his passing has played out in the spotlight: Thousands are expected to swamp Los Angeles, California, to mourn him today at the Staples Center.

  • 2008-02-20 Thriller 25th Anniversary Debuts At #2!
    Global response to the release of Thriller 25, the newly expanded deluxe 25th anniversary edition of Michael Jackson's Thriller, the world's top-selling album of all-time, reached a fever pitch across the world today, as first-week sales numbers poured in. The Thriller 25th Anniversary release is America's #2 Top-Selling Album this week, more than a quarter century after the album's original release. Already shaping up as one of the hottest albums of 2008, Thriller 25 has rocketed into the Top 5 (or better) in a variety of territories across the planet following its worldwide release.

    Outside of the US, the new edition of Michael Jackson's classic collection has hit #1 in France; #1 in Belgium; #2 in Germany; #2 in Australia; #2 in the Netherlands; #2 in Norway (Thriller's highest position ever in that country); #2 in Sweden; #2 in Switzerland; #3 in the UK; #3 in Denmark; #3 in New Zealand; #4 in Spain; #5 in Austria; #5 in Ireland; #6 in the Czech Republic; and #6 in Italy.

    Thanks to all of you, the fans, for your support of Michael, and of this very special release.

    source: MichaelJackson.com

  • 2006-02-17 Single Box "Visionary" released worldwide beginning today
    Sony has brought to my attention that they are releasing a special Single Box called "Visionary" starting today.
    You can see all the single covers plus a picture of the box in my pictures section. We have also a list of release dates available.
    If you want to visit the great site from Sony with a wealth of information about the project go here: http://www.mjvisionary.com/

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