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Dancing like Michael Jackson
an online dancing school
by Michael White

For more instructions please visit Tess' Michael Jackson Impersonator Page and visit the Dance School there. There are also videos on this site.
Another place you could go to are the Online Dance Lessons by Simone Maurice, where you can download videos with instructions for after registering for free.

Many people are asking themselves how Michael does the moonwalk or other moves. So I decided to open a page where i describe the moves! As you can imagine, it's incredibly hard to describe Michael Jackson's dance moves.

Before you start learning:
I must admit this moves sound much easier than they really are. I've worked about half a year to learn them and perfect them. But I learned them from his videos, nobody could have helped me with that. The main thing about this all is practice, practice, practice, ... The moves are really hard to execute and you really have to try many many times until you get results. After all, with all my practice I will never be as good as Michael doing his moves. He is simply a phenomenon.

First lesson - the moonwalk:
The moonwalk is surely the "most wanted" move of Michael that people ask for. Many people think that it is done by a moving ground or it's a trick used when filming or something similar. But you can really moonwalk - everyone with two healthy feet is able to do it with enough practice. So read on if you're interested...
The magic about the moonwalk is that you move the foot that is on the floor but you stand on the other so you must try hard to stand on your toes on one foot - try to stand on your toes on one foot without the other foot - the moonwalk is a combination of this elements - you stand you your toes on one foot and push the other foot back in smooth motion and then rapidly you must change it - you stand on the other foot and push the first foot back in smooth motion - that's it !!!! At the end of "JAM" Michael teaches Michael Jordan how to do the moonwalk - go get it and learn it from there!
Michael actually dances more versions of the moonwalk. There is his sidewalk, his moonwalk without going back or the combination of moonwalk and turnig around.

Second lesson - the sidewalk:
The sidewalk is basically the same as the normal moonwalk, but Michael added some elements to it so that it is also very special. If you wanna do the side walk, you have to move your feet to the side (hehe, where else) but one foot is also slightly before the other so that they cross and in that moment you change like in the normal moonwalk. Michael also moves his arms like walking and puts his hat down and moves his body very special. I've never seen anybody else that made it with that same perfection.

Third lesson - the moonwalk without going back:
It's simple but needs practice. You simply put your foot forth again after doing the normal moonwalk and repeat everyting with the other one. But again Michael adds something to the move that's magic, he does combine it with a little sidewalk only to dazzle the viewer.

Forth lesson - the moonwalk with turning around:
Michael uses this move many times. It's especially in Smooth Criminal. He does his nomal moonwalk and pushes the right foot back. Right after that he turns right on his heels but also moves his arms and his shoulders magically. And then there he again moonwalks back with his right foot.