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(Michael Jackson)

He got flash, baby
Kicked in the back, baby
A heart-attack, baby
I need your body!

A hot kiss, honey
He dug the ditch, baby
You make me sick, baby
So unreliable!

I'm such a swine, baby
All down the line, Debbie
I hate your kind, baby
So unreliable!

A hot buzz, baby
He want the buzz, baby
Another drug, baby
You don't deserve it!

Trust in me
Trust in me
Put all your trust in me
You're doin' morphine!

"You heard what the Dr. says?"

He got the place, baby
Kicked in the face, baby
He hate your race, baby
You're not a liar!

You're every lick, baby
Your dogs a bitch, baby
You're make me sick, baby
You talk survival!

She never come for me
She never want, baby
I got you up, baby
You're just a rival!

Always a play, daddy
Right up your league, Debbie
You're throwin' shade, daddy
So undesirable!
Trust in me
Just in me
Put all your trust in me
She doin' morphine!
Go on, baby!

This won't hurt you
Before I put it in
Close your eyes and
count to ten
Don't cry, I won't convert you
There's no need to dismay
Close your eyes and drift away

Demerol, Demerol
Oh god he's taking Demerol
Demerol, Demerol
Oh god he's taking Demerol

He's tried hard to convince her
Till there's no more of
what he had
Today he wants it twice as bad
Don't cry I won't resent you
Yesterday you had his trust
Today he's taking
twice as much

Demerol, Demerol
Oh god he's taking Demerol, hee
Demerol, Demerol
Oh my he's got his Demerol
hee... hoo...

"You heard what the Dr. says?"

He got shit, baby
Your dog's a bitch, baby
You make me sick, baby
You are a liar!

He shoot the game, daddy
Deep in the pain, baby
You talk the same, baby
You're so reliable!

Trust in me
Trust in me
Put all your trust in me
She's doin' morphine!

You just...
Sit around and talkin' about it
You're takin morphine!
Go on, baby!
You just...
Sit around try talkin' about it
You're takin' morphine!
Whoo hoo!
Just sit around just talkin' nothin' about it
She takin' morphine! Honey.
You just...
Sit around and talkin' about it
You're takin' morphine!
Whoo hoo!
You just...
Sit around just talkin' nothin' and takin' morphine!
Whoo hoo hoo!
Somethin's goin' down, baby
You're talk in morphine!
Go on, baby!
Whoo! Whoo!
Do it!
She takin' morphine!

Produced by Michael Jackson.
Mixed by Keith Cohen

Lead Vocals by Michael Jackson
Background Vocals by Michael Jackson, Brad Buxer, Bill Bottrell and Jon Mooney
Arrangement by Michael Jackson
Classic Arrangement by Michael Jackson
Vocal Arrangement by Michael Jackson
Rythm Arrangement by Michael Jackson
Orchestral Arrangement by Jorge Del Barrio
Keyboards: Brad Buxer and Keith Cohen
Synthesizers: Brad Buxer
Grand Piano: Brad Buxer
Percussion: Michael Jackson, Brad Buxer and Bryan Loren
Drums: Michael Jackson
Guitar: Michael Jackson and Slash
Violin: Robert Chausow
Viola: Juliet Haffner

CHOIR: Andrae Crouch Singers: Andrae Crouch, Sandra Crouch, Maxi Anderson, Gloria Augustus, Angela Hackworth-Brown, Carol Dennis, Kristle Edwards, Geary Lanier, Jackie Gouche, Kathy Hazzard, Linda McCrary, Ricky Nelson, Randy Phillips, Howard Smith, Jonathan Webb, Yvonne Williams and Edna Wright
Coordinator: Judy Gossett

Conductor: Jorge Del Barrio
Contractor/Copyist: Bill Hughes
Bass: Drew Dembowski, Richard Feves and Frances Liu
Cello: Steve Erdody, Chris Ermacoff, Anne Karam, Tim Landauer, Miguel Martinez and Tina Soule
Flute: Dan Lozano and Valerie King
Harp: Katie Kirkpatrick
Viola: Carole Mukogawa, Bob Becker, Karen Elaine, Mimi Granat, Renita Koven, Robin Ross, John Scanlon and Ray Tischer
Violins: Endre Granat, Murray Alder, Jackie Brand, Darius Campo, Ron Clark, Kirstin Fife, Julianne Frensh, Armen Garabedian, Marilyn Harding, Marianne Henry, Karen Jones, Natalie Leggett, Joy Lyle, Mike Markman, Liane Mautner, Marisa McLeod, Frances Moore, Maria N.htmlan, Barbra Porter, Bob Sanov, Marc Sazer, Haim Shtrum, Olivia Tsui and Jennifer Walton

Keyboard and Drum Programming: Statik Synclavier Programming: Andrew Scheps
Digital Systems Programming: Matt Carpenter

Studios: The Hit Factory (N.Y.), The Record Plant (L.A.), Larrabee Studios (L.A.) and Ocean Way Recording (L.A.)

Assistant Engineers: Rob Hoffman, Tony Duino Black, Jon Mooney, Paul Dicato, Steve Baughman, John Rodd and Greg Burns

(c) 1997 MIJAC MUSIC. All rights administered by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp.

Produced by Michael Jackson for MJJ Productions Inc., engineered by Keith Cohen, Eddie De Lena, Mick Guzauski and Tim Boyle

Contains an Audio Clip from "The Elephant Man" Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

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